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Discover the range of CALISTO, CALISTO INDOOR and CALISTO G FORCE products produced by NORVOTECH: active transponders, RFID, GPS location, tracking videos, .... Exclusively designed for use in a professional environment, our software such as CHRONOS, KEA uses another Object Oriented Programming technology. Our engineers are at your disposal and at your disposal to develop a tailor-made solution that will take into account your financial availability to meet your professional needs.

Voici ce que l'on peut faire avec notre système


You thus have a direct or delayed follow-up according to your needs, of all the course of the means of transport which is equipped with it. It was entirely designed by Orion Tronic, its manufacture is also 100% French.


Used for the 1st time for the prestigious sailing Tour de France event, the CALISTO transponder made it possible to follow boats directly. The crews were able to post-process their race data in depth. With tire owners like Goodyear, the tire supplier uses our Calisto system.

No limit...

With a range of 10 km, it is the ideal product for tracking and information gathering of the movement of equipped vehicles going from 10 to 300 km / h (186 miles / h).


70 gr of technology from 0 to 300 km / h your information in real time.


Our decoder analyzes in real time the complex flow of data transmitted by the transponders.


It can adapt to all types of support in seconds.


All your data in real time on our onboard analysis environment.

Calisto Video


CALISTO indoor is the ultimate data analyzer. It is specially designed for the short-range analysis of your athletes. It can calculate your distance, heart rate, acceleration, deceleration, and position in space.


70 gr of concentrate. all of our tools fit in a suitcase


Our experience of 3D of the big loop allows us to develop software to replay the match or your activity.


Our software can be quickly configured to implement our solution.


All your results are in real time in your tracking table.

  • PERFOMANCE - Corrected positioning of each athlete in real time.
  • DATA ANALYSE -   Acceleration / deceleration / Speed ​​variation, Distance traveled, Averaging
  • SECURITY -  Speed ​​alert with anomalies.
  • REPLAY - it is possible to replay the scene or a match phase.
  • 3D - Replay the match on a stage 3D (Not on web)

Calisto GForce

Our last born. The Calisto G Force allows you to take power data live as well as the inclinations of the athlete and the speed of movement.


The installation of this product is very simple and quick.


All axes are analyzed with force and acceleration constants.


The use of data is done directly on different media.


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